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Haircut Near Me

Haircut Near Me can take some of the pain and uncertainty out of finding a great barber and getting a great haircut.

Yeah – we’re guys and mainly focused on steering other guys toward a great cut – but our custom search engine works for ladies too, just modify your search terms accordingly.

But for you guys, just type in “barbers near me”, or “get a haircut” followed by your city name, then check out the suggestions.

You know how that works:

Look, getting a great haircut primarily involves two things (assuming you have enough hair to work with):

  • A decent barber
  • Communication from you

Yeah, a lot of guys think that great haircuts start with great barbers; and that sure doesn’t hurt; but even the best barber in town can’t give you a great cut if he doesn’t know what you want.

So start with a decent barber – somebody with some training and experience; and then explain what you want.

Before we go any farther, let me say this:

I’m mainly talking about finding a barber at a real, male-oriented barber shop; not a stylist at one of the unisex salons. You can get a good haircut at one of those places, but there are three main disadvantages that can affect the quality of the outcome:

  1. You may get a different stylist each time.
    This means that with every haircut, you’re starting over, telling them what you want.
  2. Many of the stylists are trained as cosmetologists, they also happen to cut hair.
  3. They don’t specialize in haircuts for men.

Again, you can get a decent haircut at a salon, and they’re easier to find if you’re new in town or away from home and need a cut. And they often have open hours that are a little more accommodating than a traditional barbershop.

But the first order of business is to find a barbershop that specifically services men; then find a barber specifically trained and experienced in haircuts for guys, then – and this is the important part – tell him what you want.

Specifically tell him what you want.

“A little off the top” doesn’t mean the same thing to everybody.
Even if that’s what you heard the last guy in his chair say and he got a great haircut, that doesn’t mean you will too.

Here’s the deal with a lot of barbers – if you don’t tell them exactly what you want; they will give you the cut they are most comfortable giving.

If you tell him to take a quarter-inch off the sides and a half-inch off the top, now he’s got some direction. If you’re really not sure, tell him you’re not sure and in most cases he’ll take a little off, let you see how it suits you, and then go from there.

And here’s something that seems a little weird to a lot of guys, even though it’s not:

Take in a picture.

If you see a picture in a magazine or wherever of the kind of look and style that you want, take it in and show it to your barber. That will give him an excellent reference to work with.

The key to getting a good haircut every time lies in finding a regular barber who gets to know you, your head, your hair, and what you like.

That’s a process of discovery, so to speak; where you have to just shop around until you find one.
It’s sort of like finding a steady girlfriend – there’s an initial “click” or connection, but then there has to be communication to keep it working.

And we’ll be the first to say this:

Even though Haircut Near Me is a great way to search for a great barber and a great haircut, a better way is to rely upon suggestions from friends or family members.

And if that’s not possible, try this:

If you see some guy out in public with a really great haircut – just ask him who his barber is.
He’ll be flattered, and he’ll probably be glad to tell you.

But remember, that even the best barber can’t read your mind, you have to be prepared to explain what you want.

With that said, here are a few specific things you need to be able to tell him in the language that he understands:

  • First, just tell him your general style – crew cut, clipper cut, tapered, etc.
  • He doesn’t know how long it’s been since your last cut, so give him an idea of how much you want to take off – “an inch off the top” gives him something to work with, “a little off the top”, does not.
    Tapered or no?
  • If you like it tapered, say so. Tapered cuts vary the length a little from the top of the head to the nape of the neck, going from longer to shorter from top to bottom.
    Neckline (Nape)?
  • What kind of neckline (nape) do you want?
    A blocked nape is just cut straight across the natural neckline – it’s kind of a “squared” effect.
    A rounded nape is like the blocked nape, but the “corners” have been softened or rounded.
    A tapered nape blends in getting shorter as it gets closer to the bottom of the neckline.
  • “Arches” are the space between your hairline and your ears. See, Haircut Near Me is an educational site. A high arch means that the barber creates a bigger gap between your hairline and your ears. A natural arch is just that – it’s how it grows, just cleaned up a bit.
  • Top of ear
  • Middle of ear
  • Bottom of ear
    That’s pretty self-explanatory, we’re going to leave it at that.

But with all of that said, here’s one more tip on communicating with your barber:

Listen to what he says.

You know, that’s the thing about effective communication – it typically goes in both directions.
Otherwise, it’s called a “lecture”; which would typically take place in a classroom or a marriage.

Barbers see all kinds of people who have all sorts of different hair, different facial shapes, different sized ears and foreheads, and all sorts of other variables that can either be complimented or made more prominent by a hairstyle.

If the guy makes suggestions, it doesn’t hurt to listen and maybe even give it a try to see what you think of the results.

Like we said, finding a good barber is a process of discovery.
Once you’ve been through that process and settled on a barber you like, and once that barber has gotten to know you, then you will be able to sit down in that chair and say, “Give me the usual”.

Use the custom search engine at Haircut Near Me to begin your process of discovery: